We are Atomic Acquisitions, a Marketing Firm Based Out Of Austin, Texas

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We started with only 25 people in our first office in Wall St, New York seven years ago. Today our footprint covers New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Detroit, Memphis, San Diego, Nashville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin where our offices are all developing their one strategy towards their audience in the market.

What is next?

We'd like to see a bright future with our ongoing expansion to continents like Asia being opened with our marketing approach, ambition and passion towards an integrated marketing status. Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul will be the next harbors for our global service in 2020, and we have an open mind for any clients who need more growth and opportunity to join us on this exciting journey.
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Atomic Acquisitions
offers a three-prong approach in marketing campaign design in the following areas

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